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The concept for Schedulemart.com was conceived when the need for 24 X 7 access to scheduling was recognized. It is common for customers to require services at a time that the business provider is unavailable. When this happens, the most “convenient” time to schedule an appointment occurs after normal business hours.

The Internet provides the perfect opportunity to solve this problem from both customer and provider perspectives. SCHEDULEMART.COM provides the solution by offering 24 x 7 access to schedules along with the necessary support to ensure its effectiveness:


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  • Email notification to customers and service providers

  • Control over/under booking

  • Email reminders

  • Complete customization over scheduling functions

Business Owners

Improve Your Market Position

It is a well-known fact that an existing customer is the most profitable customer. A wise business understands that serving an existing customer base is priority-one. Schedulemart.com provides you, the business owner, the ability to improve customer satisfaction, and thus improve your level of customer loyalty. Your customers will have the peace of mind knowing that scheduling a request for service is always available, even when the business itself is not.

Software as a Service

Schedulemart.com is a web-enabled software solution that is part of the service offerings of Magellon Technologies, Inc.  The schedulemart.com solution is hosted by Magellon Technologies and is offered as a subscription service to business owners who see the value of a 24 x 7 scheduling solution. The business owner is not required to install any software or maintain his/her own computer system. All maintenance and access is managed and provided by schedulemart.com. It’s a simple, easy, revenue enhancing, no-hassle solution.

Scheduling Customers

Added Scheduling Convenience

Imagine this..its 6:00 PM and you just finished a long day at the office, followed by a good workout at the gym. Your massage therapist closes for the day at 5:00 P.M. and opens at 7:00 AM the next morning. You would love to get a massage but at this point its unlikely. Why is it unlikely? Your massage therapist looked at her appointment schedule for the next day and observed that the first massage appointment is at 9:00 AM. and decided to sleep in.

The therapist has a customer that desires a massage, and the therapist has availability. The customer and service provider however are unaware of the predicament of the other. In this case the therapist misses an opportunity to service her customer and generate revenue, and the customer goes to work with a sore back.

or did the customer schedule with someone else?

Schedulemart.com bridges this gap, and ensures both customers and providers have a pathway of communication that never closes.

One Stop Schedule Management

Customers can manage all appointment scheduling with schedulemart.com. Want to see the appointments you have scheduled for next week? Log on to schedulemart.com and view your own personal calendar.

Long Range Plan

Our goal is to provide state-of-the-art web based software for around the clock appointment scheduling. We will provide scheduling services to customers large and small from the home based businesses to the multi national corporation. We will leverage technology expertise to empower businesses to support their customers in an extraordinary way.
Scheduling customers can be assured that our technology support will be focused on technologies that make their life easier. Schedulemart will support email, and text-messaging, while future support will include PDA’s, and other smart devices. We will make scheduling convenient and accessible.

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